PSU Women’s Soccer (Planes, Trains & Automobiles)

The journey to the game PSU vs Arkansas- what an adventure!
I rushed to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia for the first leg of my trip. It was a very hot day as I waited in the shade for the Mega bus to arrive. This trip involves all modes of transportation just like the movie “Planes,Trains and Automobiles!” After my arrival in Baltimore,MD, my sister Saundra picked me up. The next morning, after spending the night at Saundra’s home, she prepared to take me Reagan National Airport the next morning. On the way, Saundra missed the exit and we had to travel into  Washington, DC. I had a little anxiety about making the flight, but we arrived  an hour before the flight. The check-in line was very crowded. Usually I’m in the Pre-TSA line, however, this time
when the lines were backed up,I was not. I prayed  for patience and the LORD did provide.
Upon boarding the plane, I realized someone was already occupying my seat. In showing the LORD’S kindness I gave them the option of staying in my seat because I preferred an aisle seat anyway. Another blessing from GOD …..HE is omnipotent everywhere when you need HIM.
As I settled into the flight, after take off, it is was time for the complementary beverage. I asked the flight attendant for a cup of  hot water for my own tea bag. The flight attendant inquired about the flavor of my teabag, he said,” it looks healthy”  and he wants get some  of those because they’re so healthy. I agreed that organic ginger tea the best!
We touched down in Dallas Fort Worth Texas.  After exiting the plane,  I was told by an airport employee that my connecting flight was changed. YIKES they changed the gate for my connecting flight and I had to run  to get to the gate. I felt like O.J. Simpson in the old Hertz Rental Car commercials running through the Fort Worth airport.
Pushing back for the gate to take off. The Pilot said,”we are already to go but the runway line is longer that expected,  were #7 but I think a few planes budge the line “Now wait your turn.”
The plane took off and then touched down an hour and 1/2 at North Arkansas Airport (XNA). Praise the LORD for the safe landing.
I proceeded towards the baggage claim while looking for the ground transportation areas. I was waiting for the Double Tree Airport shuttle to pick me up. While waiting I observed perhaps the smallest airport in the world YIKES  This is the most least busiest of any airport I have ever seen. There literally was police  outside the terminal making anyone move their car  doubled parked cars. Stress FREE, YA YA YA!!
😂 I ❤️ it!!
Finally a white van (Double Tree shuttle) pulled up to pick me up and it has a cookie on the side of it it’s making me hungry.
I arrived at my hotel, checked in and relaxed for a few hours until game time. I met up with a parent, had a great meal at the Green Grill Cafe and then headed to the game. The soccer stadium was right next to Arkansas high, interesting dynamic of how high school and college comes together in that community.
When we arrived at the stadium the excitement began to build up in my brain and heart. When we got to the gate we were told we could not enter the stadium with a closed bag. A new SEC rule, only clear plastic bags could enter the stadium. So we walked in the game with a new fashion statement, ” see through bags” ha ha ha ha!!!
While looking for  our seats, we found a little sea of BLUE and WHITE PSU fans. WE R PSU!!!
Arkansas strikes first to take an early 1-0 lead in the first minute of the game. Time for the lady Lions to calm down. stay focused and play their game. That’s exactly what happened when Frannie struck a ball at the top of the 18 yard line, scoring in the 9th min GOALLLLLLLL!!! to tie the game 1-1. LET’S GOOOOOOO!!!
In the 19th minute Marissa Sheva with her third GOALLLL!!! of the season! 2-1 PSU!
In the 71st minute Kaleigh Riehl headed a ball on a set piece GOALLLLL!!nets her first goal of the season on a header off a PSU corner kick! 4-2
The PSU fans are going wild–Amazing game!
I got up a 6:00 am to head back to the airport,  no running like O. J just  chillin’ because XNA airport has no passenger traffic at all. I cruised through security and head to the gate, easy as  1,2, 3. The airport departure area was so small I had to walk outside to board the plane. I walked out of the airport and got on the plane, it felt like I was getting in a car, it felt like the 60’s when Jackie Kennedy was waving from the tarmat.  The seating so small, it felt like I was inside a Video game. HA HA HA
Smooth flying to O’Hara Airport in Chicago for a quick layover, what a blessing from the LORD, always there to hook me up
Last leg of the trip, an 832 mile flight to the Big 🍏(La Guardi Airport) and then onward to New Jersey Transit, a train ride, 72 miles to the capital city, Trenton!!
(🚃✈🚙) ….NO 🚤or 🚲 yet  ha ha ha!
Total miles this week following the Chase to greatness was 1,878 !!!
Next up West Virginia, Mountaineers, you know the the song by John Denver which goes a little something like this,  “Country Roads, take me home to the place I belong West Virginia”.…. well I tried but I can’t sing that well.

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