PSU WSOC plays West Virginia in the Mountain momma!!!

The journey began when we left home at 7:41 am, on our way to West Virginia, thanks, John Denver it is a place we can sign about whether we win OR  lose. The skies here in Pennsylvania look promising but it’s supposed to rain during game time, thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Harvey ….yikes —-” rain, rain go away come again another day West Virginia and Penn State want to play—–Soccer”!!

We’ve been on the road for about 2/12 hours cruising through Pennsylvania.  We just drove into the rain over the Pennsylvania/ Maryland border, a steady rain…. rain, rain go away Penn State and West Virginia want to play — soccer!!!

I just checked in with the mileage application and we are about 60 miles from the West Virginia border….. mountain momma. This has been the most boring ride, nothing but land and trees to see. Much different than the week before, no planes, train this weekend; only automobile.

Thank GOD for the industrial revolution because we have been driving on many, many interstates, driving through tunnels; mountains and valleys, WHEW I don’t think small country roads would have gotten us to the game on time ha ha ha !!!

We were on Rt. 68 and that will take us right into Morgantown, I think I may be related to the town because my maiden name is MORGAN ha ha ha! Can people be related to towns/cities J ….maybe not!
The rain is still coming down. Wow, we just drove into some major fog. It felt like we just drove into a cloud or if you have a great imagination, the inside of a marshmallow…. yummy! Zero visibility. It makes me want to sing that cool song “ Blinded BY the LIGHT Revved up like a Duece another runner in the night”….by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. I love that song, it’s the beat is funky. It’s so foggy I need some sort of glasses to see the road.
I saw a few folks texting while driving…. YIKES, not a good idea…boo!
We just drove out of the fog thank GOD and over the border to West Virginia, 22 miles from a restaurant in Morgantown. We going to take in some food before the soccer game and watch the Penn State /Acron football game. What a great day for two amazing events in one day!! That’s as heavenly for a blue and white fan!!!
We reached our destiny and settled in for some appetizers at Kegler’s restaurant. The Penn State football was fun to watch, a game we spanked Akron 52 -000000000…My boy Bark Bark (#26) had to 2 TD’s, actually, he had 3, they called one back, he stepped out of bounds, a very questionable call.

The rain came back an hour before the game and now it’s a rain event. It’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring!! I hope he wakes up before the TAP because I really don’t want to sit in the rain.

HERE we GO!!!!  Slow start, WV strikes first. Sh’Nia Gordon’s goal came at the 16:37th minute. The second goal was scored during the 37th minute by Lauren Segalla, compounding to the Mountaineer lead. During the first half, West Virginia outshot Penn State, 7-3. Penn State responded during the second half by outshooting WVU, 9-5. The Lady Lions got on the board after Laure Freigang was fouled in the box. Emily Ogle scored on a penalty kick, cutting the deficit to 2-1.

The game would continue with both teams working to be successful. Time ran out and WV was victorious.

We traveled 315 miles back to PA with Blue skies and hopes that the Lady Lions will rebound from their first loss of the season.

Next up the North Carolina Tarheels, Sweet Caroline BOM BOM BOM, good times never felt so good.

Here we go STATE!!!


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